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More Rainbows is a psychedelic speed puzzler come maze runner. Your objective: Get More Rainbows!

"Developed" over the course of one 28-hour stretch of coffee, more coffee and in the end too much coffee, what was at first merely a movement test meant to refresh old rusty skills turned into a spur-of-the-moment stress relief by way of rerouting that stress into aortic miscarriages of retina-erasing colours and earpiercing earworms.

Featuring an ever-increasing dynamic difficulty, the game may start easy but eventually you will struggle to keep up with the beat.

Being in alpha, or more readily, being a proof of concept or experiment, it is in its current state somewhat janky and lacking a certain sense of polish. The game has also not been tested on platforms other than Windows machines, XP and up. Also, seizure warning. With those caveats out of the way, I hope you enjoy More Rainbows, if only for 5 minutes. And hey, you can always make more levels - source files included!

Install instructions

Included in the .zip file is the game executable ("More Rainbows.exe"), the game source files as well as the soundtrack and readme files.

To play the game, once the zip is downloaded, extract the files into a new folder - the .exe requires no contingent files, so if you only want the game you can easily choose to unzip only that file.

Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems.


More Rainbows downlodable 32 MB
More Rainbows - Soundtrack 10 MB

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