A downloadable game for Windows

A whimsical, musical, aggressively optimistic frolic through a town absolutely BURSTING with cute animals, all waiting for you to PET THEM*!!

*Despite what you may have heard, it is not actually possible in this game to pet using both hands.

Here ya go! Suggestions and ideas are very welcome!


  • Petting!
  • Oldschool key puzzles!
  • Stereopositional audio cues!
  • Known shippables!

30 animal friends to pet, including but not limited to:

  • Doges!
  • Kats!
  • Budgeez!
  • Ducks!
  • Bunnee wabbits!
  • Frugs!

You came here to pet animals and chew bubblegum. And you're all out o' bubblegum. Explore the town to find more friends to make and secrets to uncover!

CONTROLS (Keyboard):

  • <WASD>, <IJKL> or <arrow> keys to move
  • Mouse, <E & Q> or <U & O> to look/turn
  • Left or right <Shift> to crouch
  • Left or right mouse button, <Enter>, or left or right <Control> to interact
  • Mousewheel, <Tab> or <Backspace> to select inventory item
  • <ESC> to return to previous screen

CONTROLS (Gamepad):

  • Left stick to move
  • Right stick to look/turn 
  • Right/left stick button or right trigger to crouch
  • A/B (X/Triangle on Dualshock) or left trigger to interact
  • X/Y (O/Square on Dualshock) to jump
  • Left/right bumper to select inventory item
  • Start (Options on Dualshock) to return to previous screen

<F11> to Quick switch fullscreen/windowed mode
<B> to toggle headbobbing on/off
<F2> to toggle debug info [spoilers]

Mouse smoothing and mouse sensitivity applies to keyboard and gamepad turning.

Field of view range from 70 to 120. At anything higher than 100, texture loading may begin to exhibit odd behaviour; While this should not dramatically impact performance, it might look pretty weird.

Vsync and antialiasing are off by default and recommended to be off for performance.

Certain transitions and shader effects may produce rapidly flashing lights or changing colours; if you have a history of photosensitivity, seizures etc., please proceed with caution.

Only tested on Windows 7. Monitors with aspect ratios other than 16:9 may experience odd bar effects in fullscreen mode.
Game prioritizes Xbox-controllers over Dualshock etc.; if you wish to play on Dualshock or other controller, please unplug or deactivate your active Xbox-controllers.

UPDATE November 12 2017: Minor content expansion

UPDATE November 16 2017: Gamepad input support added!

UPDATE November 21 2017: Hotfix regarding failed gamepad detection preventing play with mouse/keyboard - November 21 2017 b: Introduces proper Dualshock 4 support.

Install instructions

Download and run the EXE!


Petting Akimbo! Direct Download 3 MB

Development log


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(1 edit) (+1)

i am gettin this error message when i execute the exe:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object SETTINGS:

gamepad_axis_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_SETTINGS_Create_0


Thank you so much! I'll have a fix out within the hour, hopefully, seems pretty minor


The new file,, should hopefully work for the time being :)


wow that was super quick!

works now and i love the adaptive soundtrack!
Just wanna hang out near ducks now, they are the coolest :)