A downloadable game for Windows

"The More You Have, The Worse It Is"

Money.... money always changes...

  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump/doublejump/walljump
  • Shift/mouseclick to fire
  • Mouse to aim

Install instructions

Windows 7 only, please note that I am working on a hotfix for Win10

If you are on Windows 10, please instead download the experimental file LD40_kafkalovesyou_Win10HOTFIX which includes the relevant project file; the fix consists of switching the initial dialogue reading from an external file to an internal array, which is a horrible idea and you should never do that - hopefully the (external) level files will still read
All included files MUST reside in the same folder as the executable, regardless of platform!


Ludum Dare 40 Compo Entry (Windows 7) 3 MB
Ludum Dare 40 Compo Entry Project File (Win7 Source Code) 3 MB
Ludum Dare 40 Compo Entry (Windows 10 Hotfix EXE + Source code) 6 MB

Development log