A downloadable simulation for Windows

Simple fluid dynamics simulation. Wonky AF. CPU hog with lots of "particles." Be advised.

Compile and run.

  • Left click to place fluid puddle
  • Use arrows left and right to increase/decrease density (range 0-255, visible by cursor)
  • Right click to place a wall; fluids cannot go through walls. Middle click a wall to delete it.
  • Press Escape to exit

Each fluid particle displays its density in the form of a number and its color; the redder, the thinner. The thinner, the less it spreads.

Suggestions for simplification, optimization and less use of randomness factors are welcome.

Current version; Version 2

Install instructions

  • .gm81 source file: Requires GameMaker 8.1 Lite or greater to compile
  • .exe executable file: Open to run

Only tested on Windows 7.


Fluid Dynamics Source File 13 kB
Fluid Dynamics Executable File 3 MB

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