A downloadable simulation for Windows

This is a rudimentary prototype of a non-interactive digital simulation of an ecosystem. The system starts with random traits and random "creatures," whose traits include sex (male - solid, female - outlines), kingdom (carnivore, herbivore, plant) and various physical traits like speed, shape and color.

Depending on the circumstances, animals (i.e. not plants) will attempt to feed and breed appropriately to their kingdom; you can observe the generational shifts in the ecosystem as some species die out and other become more and more dominant - note that animals can only breed within their kingdom and not with their own immediate family.

The simulation is incomplete and, as stated, rudimentary. The main focus of the development process was exploring the necessary priorities in programming a functioning ecosystem, essentially a subsystem prototype for a later game.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Install instructions

The downloadable executable file should run no problems on Windows XP and up. If you experience problems, please do contact me - system information on hand, preferably.


Ecosystem simulation prototype 44 MB

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